Spain impossible to find any connection between that kiss and France to defeat Italy

Spain impossible to find any connection between that kiss and France to defeat Italy

Remember that kiss?

1998 World Cup. Laura Blanc used to do this before the start of every match of the France team. From any belief, who knows! Blanc kissed the head of goalkeeper Fabian Barthez. Do you know why that kiss is called ‘Kiss of Luck’ in football? France hosted the World Cup at home.

Looking at science, it is impossible to find any connection between that kiss and France’s World Cup victory. Even the fact that the French team listened to Gloria Ginner’s song “I Will Survive” in the dressing room every match at that World Cup has nothing to do with winning the World Cup.

But with the passion for the game, who ever pulled these sciences! Everyone is curious to know who ran on the football field, how many miles, who spread the beauty or who won the team from Mantraput faith.

For example, Argentina will play the Copa America semi-final tomorrow at 7 am. Many have found out that Argentina is coming to the field at 8 am on the 6th day of the 6th month (July) of this year!

In this coincidence, the Argentine fans of Bangladesh stood firm in faith – ‘Lucky Seven!’ Which means to enter the field on the day of the number of good luck means victory! Suppose again that the euro is going on, but there is also a coincidence of the ‘white jersey’ going on.

Spanish fans can sit motionless as soon as they know the information. Spain will face Italy in the Euro semifinals at Wembley today at 1pm Bangladesh time. As the match is Italy’s ‘home match’, the ‘La Roha’ are less likely to wear the traditional red ‘home jersey’.

Luis Enrique’s team will take the field in white jersey. Let’s talk about the greatness of the white jersey in this Euro. Notice, this time in the Euro knockout stage, the teams that came on the field after the white jersey have won. Italian fans please don’t curse. The game is no longer played by jerseys, the players have to play those jerseys there are only accessories.

But those who believed in the octopus ‘Paul’ can counter-argue. That late octopus, the ‘astrologer’ who accurately predicted the team that won all four of Germany’s six matches at Euro 2008 — whether or not Spain will win the 2010 World Cup বলে also predicted! Yes, there are some unexplained issues on the playground that have no logical explanation.

Suppose from the last 16 in this Euro — France and Switzerland played in white jerseys after the Swiss. France has lost. Alvaro Morata wore a white jersey in the Spain-Croatia match. Even with Miss’s rehearsal, in the end, Morata means Spain has won!

Rahim Sterling and Harry Kane wore white jerseys at the England-Germany match at Wembley. After the victory of England, you have seen the joy of the ‘It’s Coming Home’ campaigners! And the Czech Republic vs. Netherlands?

Spain shines in the original XI. Italy’s two-year-old centerbacks Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini are quick to deal with dynamic forwards (Marco Arnautovic of Austria, Gareth Bale of Wales), but Burak Ilmaz (Turkey), Haris Seferovic (Switzerland), Namel Coach Luis Enrique did not have a striker like Alvaro Morata in the XI. He was replaced by Real Sociedad winger Mikel Oyersabal as Falls Nine. Dani Almo of Leipzig and Torres of Manchester City were also present. This gap works very well for Spain.

The absence of left-back Spinatsola has hurt Italy a lot. Chelsea’s Emerson could not fill the gap of Spinatsola in that way. Italy went against the current in the second half. Dani Almo and Jordi Alba blocked an attack and Italy started every attack. Juventus winger Federico Kiesa put the team ahead in the 70th minute with a great right-footed shot from that attack. Kiyesa had earlier scored a goal against Austria at Wembley. Needless to say, he likes to score goals at Wembley!

There, too, the white jersey means the Czechs have won, the ‘Czechs’ in orange (Dutch). The Denmark-Wales match will not be left out either. The Danes in white jerseys made it to the quarter finals with Gareth Bale crying.

Now let’s come to the statistics of the quarter finals. In the Spain-Switzerland match, Spain won the match by wearing an away white jersey. The Belgium-Italy match was also won by Roberto Mancini’s team in the white jersey. Denmark wearing white jerseys against the Czech Republic, and Ukraine vs. England? What again! That white jersey — England — won!

So tonight?

Italian fans keep a strong mind. If any team can stop the coincidence of these white jerseys in the Euros, it is Italy.

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