Kishore is moving forward with Bengali cooking

Kishore is moving forward with Bengali cooking

Regular interview and the media went on for severall feat. And that is like Kishore Chowdhury, an Australian woman of Bangladeshi descent. Bengali Henschel’s oil and spice is used by the master chef in the 13th edition of Australia. I wanted to know from the mother of two children how Kishore became the centerpiece of this cooking competition in a telephone conversation.

Kishore’s answer is quite neat, ‘The biggest challenge for me was coming to the masterchef. Leaving my family and children behind for so long was a difficult thing. And this journey is walking in an unknown path; No one knows what is going to happen next. It is my mother used to give me the responsibility. Where working hard to choose that.

It was understood that Kishore was doing well in that challenge when he went to interview Kishore Chowdhury. The show place in Bangladesh that has the same taste. Masterchef Australia is quite a popular show. Its manufacturer and distributor is Endeml Shine Australia. Contact Megan and Sachar. These two are the publicity directors of Australia’s most popular reality show, Masterchef Australia. The days of the interview and the media went on for several days. After that, 15 minutes was allotted on June 30 to talk to Kishore. Although the conversation ended in 23 minutes.

Kishore is introducing another Bangladesh to the world through this competition. Where the main subject is Bengali food. From Bangladeshi pepper-salt to mash-hilsa, gourd-putti, spinach, duck, fish, cinnamon-clove, from phuchka-chatpati to sweet-yogurt, various items are being served in a new way under the care of master chef. Through this, Kishore is not only going one step after another, but is also highlighting Bangladeshi food.

As of July 1, 54 episodes have been aired on MasterChef Australia. The names of the top six contestants have already been announced. Kishore’s name is in the top six. From here, the fight will be to get the top three places. From where one will be Masterchef Australia winner.

A few days ago all the contestants were taken to Uluru, Australia. reason for such a negative answer Kishore became the centerpiece. We have been to many such places. I have tried to make something new by mixing Bangladeshi ingredients with Australia’s own food ingredients. These things will be memorable to me. ‘

Kishore has become an overnight star with his cooking skills. However, he does not like the star’s reputation at all. Asked about the reason for such a negative answer, she said, “I am an ordinary woman. What we eat at home, what my mother cooks — I wanted to show that Bengali food in front of everyone. I don’tam working hard to choose yet. I am studying cooking to survive the competition. I biggest challenge for me was coming my best. Many foods are new to learn. I want to have that courage to present my food in front of the best chefs in the world. It is very, very difficult to represent a culture; And I am working hard to choose that difficult path. ‘

Kishore has inherited a passion for Bengali cuisine from his father Kamrul Chowdhury and mother Laila Chowdhury. He started cooking in his mother’s kitchen. Said, ‘Suddenly I never thought I would cook. I think Bangladeshi food and cooking are mixed with my growing up. ‘

His mother used to tell Kishore to cut the fish and add spices to the chicken. In this way, after growing up, my mother used to give me the responsibility of cooking heavy meals. Not only cooking, Kishore has learned another thing very well from his parents. That is Bengali language. Born and raised in a foreign land, Kishore spoke fluently in Bengali.

What skills do you need to become a seasoned cook? Quickly answering Kishore, “It is important to have a good knowledge of the combination of tastes.”

Among Bangladeshi dishes, hilsa fish paturi is a favorite of teenagers. He said, ‘There is no other place in Bangladesh that has the same taste of hilsa. My mother-in-law cooks very well hilsa fish paturi. ’There are a few more foods on her list of favorites; Which is regularly brought and fed by the father-in-law. These include blackberries, raw mangoes, kamaranga. Kishore loves to eat these fruits. And there is Chatpati-Fuchka.

Time has passed in the story. The organizers are chasing. In the meantime, the last question had to be asked. I wanted to know, what is the plan after the end of the master chef competition? Kishore said he wants to publish his own cookbook. And he wants to create a medium where he can regularly tell everyone about his cooking. Especially the dishes that teenagers do every day.

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