Brazil lost to Peru in the final

Brazil lost to Peru in the final

Peru could not cross the Brazilian castle. Could dominated from the start at the Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio. This time too he could not fight in the semis. It is not easy to defeat 5 time world champions. Brazil reached the Copa America final by defeating Peru by the only goal of Lucas Pakuita.

Peru failed to stop the Celesaos despite a great fight in the first semifinal. Tito’s team is unbeaten so far in the current edition.

The Celesaos have dominated from the start at the Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Casimiro, Neymar, Richardson started attacking one after another at home.

There was also a great opportunity to go ahead in 19 minutes. Neymar took a strong shot from close range. But the Peruvian goalkeeper blocked it with extraordinary skill.

However, Brazil could not be suppressed for long. Selesaora took the lead in the 35th minute. Neymar got the ball from the middle of the field and went into the D-box. He found the unprotected Pakueta in the middle of the three players who were stuck with his footwork. He rested effortlessly.

The Olympic Lyon midfielder also scored the team’s only goal in the quarter-finals.

In the last minute of the five-minute added time, Neymar’s cross was headed in by the unprotected Everton.

Peru focused on attacking from the start of the second half. Brazil chose the path of every attack. Peru got a good chance to equalize in the 50th minute. But Celesaos despite a great fight in the post.

Janluka Lapadula took a shot from the D-box with Yoshima Yotun’s extended ball from their own half. Ederson jumped back somehow. A Brazilian player cleared the return ball.

Russell Garcia tested Ederson in the 61st minute with a long-range shot. The goalkeeper of Manchester City kept the net intact by jumping again. Brazil was spreading fear from every attack. But that way Peru could not take the goalkeeper’s test.

Peru missed another chance to equalize in the 61st minute. Yotun’s free kick was headed in by Alexander Coynes. But the ball was not on target. Brazil survives.

Earlier in the quarter finals, Brazil also won with the goal of Pakuita. Lion’s attacking midfielder is making his mark on the Brazilian warship.

Meanwhile, Neymar expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s behavior in the match. In an interview after the game, Neymar said, ‘Pakuita is a great footballer. The hero of that match. It feels good to play with someone like that in the national team. ‘

‘However, the referee’s behavior in the match was very rough. There can be no such referee in the semi-final. I will be happy if Argentina comes in the final. Because I have friends there. However, Neymar hopes that the champion will be Brazil.

Another match for Argentina, and some more magical moments for Messi. took a shot from the D-box with Yoshima Yotun’s extended ball from finals. And through this, Argentina reached the semi-final by relying on Messi.

Aggressive Argentina from the start in the do or die match. The azure blues created great opportunities to attack one after another. Lionel strong shot from close range beginning. He second half Messi scored from later. He has scored a goal.

Messi’s golden opportunity to score in the 22nd minute of the game was wasted. His or her foot shot gets interrupted at the goal post. Rodrigo de Paul put Argentina ahead with a goal from Messi’s assist in the 40th minute.

Then again in the second half Messi scored from the assist. Lautaro Martinez doubled the lead. And in the end Messi scored a great free kick. On the other hand, Ecuador failed to take advantage of some great opportunities.

This is the fourth time in a row that Argentina has reached the last four. They will play Colombia, who lost to Uruguay in a tiebreaker in another quarter-final on the same day to reach the final after one match.

Earlier, Tito’s team lost to Peru by 4 goals in the group stage. Just before this, Peru also conceded 4 goals against Celesao in the World Cup qualifier. There was extra caution on the semis stage.

That’s why Brazil played somewhat defensively in the second half. Titus’s strategy worked. His team has reached the final goal. It remains to be seen whether the Brazil-Argentina classic duo will be seen.

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